March 8, 2011

More Hippie Food

Best Comment lately!! I laughed so hard because the Hub and I enjoy making fun of hippies and yuppies (hippies w/money). I definitely deserved the comment after posting a veggie burger recipe. And even though I've started to embrace the way "hippie" way a little more and more I'm still a garbage burning, waist loving, sugar eating, trendy, cheap clothing buying disgusting american.

we didn't have any fancy fixins this time but they were still great

the touch of honey in these makes all of the difference - yummy!

I tried a different version of the veggie burgers inspired by the Working Class Foodies DIY BBQ series of videos. And also made their homemade buns featured below in their video. This time around instead of using pinto beans I tried them with traditional black beans and added rice which helped them stick together better. These buns turned out so good and they were SO EASY. I was scared because I have ruined bread before and have since stayed far away from it until now. The leftover buns were perfect for breakfast with butter and honey. We also tried the potato salad too. So good. Check out their videos. I love them.

click the pic for more recipes


Rebel Mel said...

Bookmarked this post because I am SOOO craving homemade veggie burgers now. Nom nom nom.

Anika said...

HA! You are awesome.

You know, I catch myself being a hippy or saying something hippy. It's weird...hippies that make fun of hippies. I don't think there's a word for that, yet...

This burger looks so good!! Look at you guys even making your own buns...totally going to try this.

Your fella punk rock, hidden-hippy friend,