March 1, 2011

Thanks and I think we can change things up

All of your comments on the last couple posts have been so great! You're all so awesome and make me want to keep blogging. THANK YOU!
I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one that doesn't care to be linked up on every site out there. I also don't think just because you choose not to join all of them doesn't mean you're "behind on the times" or "not connected". Someday I swear we will all just be walking computers plugged in constantly to the web, wirelessly of course. Like robots, I guess.
As much as I love the internet and the incerdible technology we have at our fingertips I just can't always be "plugged" in. I do prefer interaction online most of the time because I can be a little socially awkward IRL (in real life). Thanks to Misty I just learned what "IRL" means. After reading her comment I admit I had to look it up in the UD (urban dictionary).
I do think we should start a new word to replace blogosphere....
I'm a little tired this morning but I'll start it off anyways. I'm thinking:
The Land of Blog
Blog Town
Twinkle Blog
The Lord of the Blogs
The Dark Blog
The Chronicles of Blogia
Meet the Bloggers
The Rocky Horror Blog Show
I Am Blog
Smokey and the Blogger
 Okay, I'm just starting to rip of movie titles. Any better ideas?


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

How about...

Mutha Fuckin' Blogs.

It's got a certain ring to it. I like it.

Kristen said...

My first thought was Blogoverse. But, I am partial to Blogolopolous (as long as I can somehow remember how to spell it.

Anika said...

I think I like "blog town". I still haven't thought of anything...I think because I am trying not to use the word blog while implying blog...does that make sense? I think what I just realized is that the part of the word I don't really like in "Blogosphere" is "blog". I think that would be a challenging word to replace now.

x and o,
your bloggy buddy

freaked out 'n small said...

Blog-o-puss... I'm feelin that shit. Sorry, I think my vicodin is kicking in...

thursday said...

hmmm, I may want to start calling myself the lord of the blogs. but first I'd have to figure out if I was using it in a "lord of the flies" sense or "lord of the rings" sense. so many questions ;)