March 1, 2011

Weekly Confessional

You know that one country song that is über popular right now? That one group called Lady Ante-blahblahblah...or something like that? They won a few grammys the other night? Ring a bell yet?

I think it's called Need You Now? Well, it's no secret that any country music that was made after 1998 gives me an awful rash, yet I've had this song on repeat since Tuesday, February 22.

Can you believe that? You probably shouldn't because I LIE A LOT ON HERE. Yet this one time I can assure I tell the truth. I've been driving Tyrone nuts with my constant out of key singing that would make an amateur karaoke singer cringe.

Now, it's not because I bought their album (cough-cough) I would never do that. However, I did buy Adele's new album and her and Darius Rucker did a cover of it (I think it was on the CMA's this year - even just knowing that is too much country music knowledge for me) and it is brilliant. It's on the bonus disc. She is brilliant. I have a major girl crush on her. I like songs about heartache and there is plenty of it on her album. She just has such a fantastic voice.

So really I'm not forsaking my self-inflicted standards since technically a country singer isn't singing it even though it's originally a country song.

I do however LOVE readers who love country music (wink).

Also - it's March now in case you haven't checked a calender yet today or picked up your phone or looked at your computer screen. I'm excited because January and February are my least favorite months of the year. Peace out Winter bitches!


Anika said...

I see words on the screen but don't understand them.
I'm sorry I thought I was visiting a blog I knew...

ma said...

country music , humm, i think i need to huck a big loagy on it all ,wanh wanh

freaked out 'n small said...

(throat clearing) I just moved to Kentucky...and I've been sucked in to the (old, old, old) country music thang... you'd probably block me from your blog now if you could! ;P