March 22, 2011

A Gnome Napping

It's not as cutesy, hipster foreign film happening as Amelie. But fun and disturbing nonetheless.

It started one day with a fuzzy picture of the Gnome (adoringly named Nag) whom accompanies my desk at work. I could barely make it out and didn't realize what had happened until I noticed he was missing. It was a gnome napping. 

Over the span of a couple of days I would get a picture of him at various spots all over town. He's had quite the adventure. We're still holding therapy sessions for him from the traumatization of the dirty deeds he was forced to do of which I won't get into on here. It's just too much. Poor little guy.

I am just glad to have him back home safe and sound and it all happened with out a ransom.

blind folded
hidden in a box

cruising around town

he made a friend a long the way
he may have ended up in Montana one day
parking attendant gnome
riding the elevator
ready to jump to his death
drowning his sorrows in chocolate
the kidnappers were following my every move. they spotted my car and took
a picture of him on it. he's the little white dot
keeping him loaded to ease the pain

McDonalds for breakfast
stuffed in a clover pot
he met Papa gnome a long the way


Angela said...

That's hilarious! How long was your gnome missing for?

Anika said...

What a busy bee!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

He was missing for about 3 or 4 days. I'm glad someone thinks this is funny. I thought maybe it would be too much of an inside joke. I just had to share because I would laugh so hard every time I saw another one come in.