March 15, 2011

today's ensemble

I partially tried today. Let's just say the hair and makeup were nonexistent. Like most days.

hand embroidered tunic - thrifted
skirt - jcrew (on major sale; i could never buy anything from there full price)
gray leggings - nordstroms rack
boots - bday gift via mi madre
tooled braided leather belt - thrifted

i am most in love with the belt. it's perfect. my dad use to make western tooled leather belts back in the day, you know the kind that have your name on the back? Yep. I use to think they were kind of lame but now I want one BAD.

there aren't any full pics of the tunic because it's a little big but it still worked even with a few jabs from a  fellow co-worker

taking in the Spring air

If you have a chance read this then give as well. I read this today via Bitchcakes and had to link back to it. It hit me a little hard - in a good way.

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