March 2, 2011

Doesn't She Know It's Wordless Wednesday in Blogolopolous Town?

A spewing of sorts today since I don't have any scheduled posts this week.
I have a home tour post planned I just don't have time to sit and post it right now.
Last night I had planned on getting some shit done but then I remembered I agreed to go to a chiropractic clinic with Tyrone that began right after work and that lasted a brutal couple of hours so yeah. It was great information but since I've been in a rather rebellious state this week (more than usual) all I remember was sitting through the entire thing while Chiro McDreamy rambled about the spine was thinking to myself, "Man, I am slouching quite terribly right now. I should probably sit up straight." Yet, I just sat there humped over like the slouch I've become. It's rather hard to make yourself sit up straight when you just don't give a rats ass.
I decided to cal him Chiro McDreamy because there's this running joke on Tyrone's side of the family about him being, well, rather dreamy.
This morning my attitude has improved a bit but I still feel rather irritable, naturally.
The Temp and all his glory, commented on my fading red hair today saying that he's pretty sure it's like Mood Hair and that I don't really dye it and that it's always red because I am always pissy. He received a smirk for that one instead of a punch to the gut.
Contributing to my irritability, coincidentally, is the neck and back pain I woke up to. Probably from the intentional slouching I did the night before. The Temp had a better theory. He asked me if it was a small Japanese ghost clinging to my back. (click link for movie reference) It's a possibility. He is quite the king of the movie metaphors and takes a lot of pride in it.
I've had Milli Vanilli, Don't Forget My Number, stuck in my head ALL MORNING LONG!!!
I was pretty excited when McDonalds added their oatmeal cup to their breakfast menu but then I read this. But then I heard that they are getting rid of Ronald which made me feel a little better about them although I'm sure they don't care about the damage that clown has already done to me.
Funny thing: A clogging song by Lady Gaga is called Lady Clog Clog. This was told to me by The Temp after I told him I knew how to clog.
Ohhh the conversations we have....

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freaked out 'n small said...

lol - I'm got tired just from reading this post. Your head must be an awesome place.