March 3, 2011

right now

I am working on orders. This is the busiest The Shop has been since I started it 8 mths ago. I am still chop liver compared to some but it makes me really happy. I got such a sweet message today from a buyer that made me glad I decided to do this. It helped because I messed something up earlier this week that bummed me out. Anyway, funny antidote, I reminded Tyrone earlier that The Office was on and he in turn reminded me that American Idol was on. Some one seems to have caught the AI bug, I'm just saying. I am crossing my fingers right now that the jerk with the dopey glasses gets cut tonight. I don't like him. I don't care how good he can sing. America better not let me down although I won't be surprised if they voted WRONG. I love the guy with the sparkle eyes and the other one with the beard. The one with the beard looks like my cousin Angus.
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Anika said...

Congrats on the business!! I got a sale today too...isn't it the best feeling?!

Here's to continued biz!

Jen said...

cute :)

freaked out 'n small said...

congrats on your shop... still doing what I can to get my ass off the couch and start mine.

urban muser said...

congrats on your shop, and i agree with your thoughts on AI. and hey, the guy with the glasses did get cut! ha!