March 26, 2011

Junk Hunt - fashion related

This entire outfit is thrifted except for my socks and undergarments.
The gray long sleeve shirt is a hand-me-down. (I really hate full body shots)

vintage polyester shirt - I wear them with shirts underneath because that fabric bothers my skin. They are really warm and perfect for cold months. I thought I would go with a warm outfit this day because it snowed that morning. I'm hoping it's the last time I have to dress warm. I have a few vintage polyester shirts but they are really hard to wear in the Summer. You'll sweat your balls right off.

I know these shoes pop up a lot on here but they are my favorite thrifted shoes.
They remind me so much of jr high and high school

I love the ties on the sleeves

Gap pants - thrifted; in perfect condition I love the way they flare at the bottom

earrings - hawaii

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm going thrifting now!
Peace out!

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Angela said...

You seem to have such great luck on your thrifting trips! The thrift stores out here aren't all that fantastic, and sometimes, the prices are just outrageous. There has been once or twice that I've put something back because it would have been only a few dollars more to buy it brand new.
If I'm ever out your way, you have to take me thrifting!