March 8, 2011

brain farting - a post to skip over (it won't hurt my feelings)

We had snow dumping in mind numbing proportions which resulted in a desperate need to call my therapist except that I don't have a therapist so there was a lot of complaining to random strangers on the street, and Twitter.
I've had really good intentions to finish my book that I started around 20 years ago if it had in fact been written that long ago.
I tell stories based on the facts as I see it.
Music has consumed my mind tremendously lately but I've spent very little time listening to any which has resulted in some strange anxiety over this minute tragedy.
Next weekend is Frederick's birthday - he'll be 4. I would like to give him a sister Boston or French Bulldog to play with but I'm afraid we still have to hold off on that for a bit.
Cooking, cleaning and organizing have been my priority since Sunday. My world has turned up-side-down because of this. None of those things are ever a priority mostly because it makes me unpleasant (bitchy). I may not like to clean but I do love making lists and checking things off. That kind of system really makes me happy and even more happy when I get to check things off. I keep a happy demeanor by never adding things like laundry and dishes to any of my lists. I found an app that I'm sure most people already have but since I am slow to the game I am just now discovering it. It's called Springpad. I now have lists for Das Blog, Das Shop and Das Personal Life.
Frederick even lucked out and got a bath. We had a little at-home puppy spa night. I even trimmed his nails, cleaned out his ears and brushed his teeth.
I made more rolls last night so that we could have them to munch on during the week. I think I've landed on eating them as rolls rather than buns. They suit us better that way. My love for these rolls is getting serious to crossing some strange boundaries that I'm sure may be illegal in some states. They're just so hard and crunchy yet soft on the inside (insert joke here).
A little story that delves into how much of a jerk I can be, after The Temp had been here for a little while he told me a story about when he had Bell's Palsy (not a joke) and some how I translated that into him having a stroke. So, one day I mentioned something about his stroke and he looked at me puzzled and said, "I've never had a stroke. Do you mean when I had Bell's Palsy?" Me: "Yeah, sure whatever." Every now and then I ask him how his stroke is going and he in turns says fine except looks at me with a slanted face accompanied with drool hanging from his lip or he just simply says "Do you smell burnt toast?" Well, he called in sick recently  so I sent him a text asking if he had another stroke. He replied, "Yes, on the other side now."
Now I'm going to get Bell's Palsy related hate mail and spam comments.

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Oh, get a French Bulldog! OMG they are so adorable and Fred would just love it and can you imagine the pictures? Oh, I love French Bulldogs. They are so darned cute.