March 18, 2011

So. Yeah.

I like periods and one word sentences.
I like St. Patrick's Day too and always look forward to celebrating it because we usually go to Piper Down, but ours blew some major Lucky Charms magically delicious chunks.
Oh and it's always a great day in Blogolopolous Town when you get a SPINELESS ANONYMOUS comment with out a single trace of #tigerblood, telling you that you spelled something wrong. So what if it WAS a part of one of my DIY projects. Literally apart of it. I appreciate the few that quietly shook their heads when they saw it instead of pointing it out like I hadn't noticed the mistake yet. Because I AM THAT BIG OF AN IDIOT.
Winners get to have workig lunches at Spencers which is what I got to do today. It happens about every year and is always lovely. If you ever need a place to stay go to the Hilton. They treat you like royalty.
Tonight our ever so talented friend is having an art show and it's centered around PBR. How hipster is that?
Coming later: Friday's with Frederick (he would never let me live it down if I forgot to post this) and a Gnome Adventure that I've been experiencing all week.

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Jen said...

someone left you a nasty comment?