March 23, 2011


ilford setting, taken in my parents drive way

Come link up over at Anika's blog!


speaking of taking pics - I really need to catch up on my 365 project. I have a ton of photos that I take regularly I just need to pot them. Oi.


Anika said...

I think i am two months behind in posting my 365, ugh...wonder if that will ever happen.

Pretty jealous you have an Ilford shot!

Steph said...

cool shot, used to live in NM, so reminds me of my childhood

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Anika - the ilford setting is on the Vignette demo version app I have. Not sure if that is on iPhone or not. iPhone has WAY cooler camera apps anyways so I don't feel too bad, lol.

Steph - thanks! I'm glad you you like it and that's pretty cool you use to live in NM.

urban muser said...

this is a cool shot! my 365 totally fell apart because i just couldn't keep up with collecting and posting my pics in one place. good luck with yours.