October 2, 2015

DIY Skull Bath Fizzies

Just in time for October, the best month of the year, here's a Halloween DIY. I'm also posting this in celebration of my first day of unemployment. Yay! 

These skull bath fizzies are made just like the yellow bath fizzies I did awhile back. These have a faux cement look I love. 

1 C baking soda
1/2 C citric acid
3/4 C cornstarch 
1/4 C Epsom salts
1 T coconut oil, melted
Lavender essential oil 6 drops
Spearmint essential oil 4 drops
Red & blue food coloring
Water spray bottle
Rubber molds

I mixed together all of the dry ingredients in a glass bowl. In a separate bowl I mixed together the essential oils and coconut oil. I dropped about 10 drops of blue food coloring into the oil mixture and 6 of the red and did my best to mix it together. With this batch I wanted them to be purple but it just wouldn't work out. I would have had to put a shit ton of coloring in and I didn't want to do that. When I made the yellow cubes they came out a pretty nice yellow but this time the color just didn't want to show up. I rather love the cement look of them though.

After mixing the oil parts with the dry ingredients, I sprayed some water into the mix and worked it in with my hands until it started to come together. You don't want it to be too wet or the fizzy aspect will take over and they won't work. You want it to form together when you squeeze it in your hands but not too dry. If it's too dry spray some more water in it. The spray bottle helps distribute the water evenly and keeps you from adding too much. 

Add it to your molds and be sure to pack it in well. (That's what she said)

Gently remove from molds and let dry overnight. 

So, what's the point of the food coloring if it didn't show up? Well, when you put it in the bath water it will show up as a light purple. Fun! No? Shut up. 


Erin Kelly said...

Oh, how I've missed your DIYs!

kendahl a. said...

Not only are they adorable, but I love the fact that they turn the water purple. I really like the cement-ish look too.

Amanda said...

Whoa dudes, this is awesome!