June 28, 2008

Brilliant Night

The night was calm and the sky was clear. Amongst the calm were the bright stars. This will sound silly, but I noticed the color of the sky for the first time tonight. It was midnight blue, the color of my third favorite nail polish. I finally realized where they got the name from; it was the exact same color. It was gorgeous. The night was so still I couldn't hear any crickets chirping in the background. There also weren't any mosquitos waiting to prey upon my flesh. I miss the crickets but not the mosquitos. Possibly a common theme for most who move away from the places they grew up; letting go of a few familiar things in exchange for the better. I looked around at the flowers and plants on my balcony; most of which I'm proud to say are still alive. Besides the occasional car that drove by, all I could hear were the blasts across the way from the illegally large and brilliant fireworks an unknown neighbor was lighting off. The view was perfect but unfortunately short-lived. I leaned against my tall dark refuge and squeezed his arm as we watched the police kill the evening. I'm sure it was an uptight neighbor who hates fun that called. As we walked in closely together I thought to myself how much I love my life and how lucky we are. 

The picture above was taken up Big Cottonwood canyon from this last fall. 

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