June 26, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Pics

If you want to see all our pics you can click the title bar and it will direct you to all of our pics on Flickr. Or you can go to this link :)

Now these are only ceremony pics. I don't have reception pics to post yet. I am excited to these though. The reception was a blast.

It was the best day of my life. I am one of those people now. I never related to people who have said that about their wedding day before. 

Best part of the day - How happy I was.

Worst part of the day - I don't like the way I look in a lot of the pictures. I was a little too relaxed that day, wasn't paying attention to standing up straight, sucking in, blah blah. It was nice to not worry but at the same time it's not pretty.

The ceremony turned out great. Short and sweet yet meaningful. The Chaplin did an outstanding job. Everyone seemed to enjoy it - hopefully. 

Our ceremony photographer was Jamie Weeks. I've known Jamie for about 3 or so years now. We work together as assistants so she gets to hear my gripes all day. I think she did a great job. The best part was that it was free (ok it was a perk not the best part) since is starting her photography business she wants to use them in her portfolio.

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