June 25, 2009

We're Back and Catching Up

So we're back and I have so much blog catching up to do. Before I go into the wedding stuff I want to start off from a week before - my Killer Bachelorette Party!

First a big thanks to Daisy Cherice Rachel & Jeni for putting on a great show! And thanks to everyone else who came and gave me all the kinky gifts.

I opted out of having a traditional bridal shower. I just did not want one. I just wanted to have fun (Ok, ok to get drunk). I don't drink often but when I do I make it worth it. Ha! We had lunch at the Red Iguana, they have the best Mexican food. And the staff there is great. Our server was fun, he offered to be the entertainment. 

If you want to see all of the pics you can go to my flickr page by clicking on the title bar or by simply clicking the link below.

I am only posting a few of my favs on here. Enjoy! I sure did. 

Most everyone who came is in the pic plus an extra (Can u see my pal Jorge chillin in the background?)

My MOH Jenni & Me
Bust a move! Cherice, Jenni & Me We were the only ones dancing. Well at least I think so...er...ha! Blasting Madonna tunes!

Yes, I planned out my outfit for this day.

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