December 27, 2012

Not a creature was stirring

Christmas for us was nice except we've both been fighting a virus since before Thanksgiving. It has hit us pretty hard having started with me and then infecting Tyrone and my dad you can guess how much fun it has been. "Thanks for moving in and bringing your disease with you," is what my dad said to me in his caring way. We had other plans for the holidays that just didn't work out because we were sick but that is okay. I haven't cried about it a lot because I felt like that's all I did this same time last year when I had pneumonia for 12 weeks.
Christmas Eve was nice watching my nephew opening up his gifts. He's three so it's a fun age. We had a tissue paper throwing party and rolled around in it like monkeys. I even taught him how to jump on our bed, hee hee.
Christmas day was spent laying around in our pajamas with my parents and Tyrone's mom Deb. We watched a lot of movies and ate till we were fat as can be.
(this has got to be the most boring post ever)
(I'm falling asleep just typing it)

We went shopping and picked out our own gifts this year and I was just fine with that. No surprises. Although I did surprise Ty with the first three seasons of In Living Color. I think he was happy with them.
My mom got the first five seasons of Dexter from my dad and they have been glued to the TV ever since, I swear to God.
But, I really do hope you and your family had a wonderful time.
Despite these pics we did get a white Christmas - some people like that I suppose.

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kendahl said...

BOOOO for a white Christmas. I'm very ready for it to stop snowing. I love your stockings! They are darling. And I hope you are feeling better.