December 23, 2013

7 Things

1. We have not done a holiday card yet this year. I don't know if we will. It's bugging me that we haven't done one and I'm pretty sure it's too fucking late by now. BUT I I think we might do a new year card instead whatever that means. I'm sure I'll make up a good reason for that.

2. Tyrone is unnaturally excited for Christmas this year. I'm trying not to kill his positivity with my usual bahumbug attitude. He's sort rubbing off on me and it's making me break out in a rash.

3. We had a Christmas family dinner at our place last night. Just our parents were able to come but it was really nice. I didn't burn much. Tyrone made them watch the new Superman movie so they could experience the fullness of his man-crush all together. Afterwards we watched Christmas Vacation and I was reveling inside watching my dad laugh at that movie. He REALLY likes it to say the least.

4. My dad is the easiest and hardest person to shop for. It's hard to explain.

5. People at work who leave anonymous treats on your desk during Christmas kind of weirds-me-out. I don't usually do co-worker gifts because it can make things awkward, plus there really isn't anyone I want to buy for if I'm being honest. My friend Jamie was usually the only person I would get anything for but she no longer works with me and I'm still dealing with that emotionally right now. THANKS FOR ASKING!

6. I bought my brother a Kelly Clarkson tee shirt that I found from the thrift store. There is definitely a funny story behind it. That is by far the funnest gift I got for anyone.

7. I finally got a new camera, but I am still learning it, slowly, because I have had NO TIME to really use it. I do love it so far.


kendahl a. said...

People leave random treats on your desk? That is weird. That hasn't ever happened to me. I'd throw it away for fear of poisoning.

What camera did you get?

Oh Honestly Erin said...

This might sound weird, since we have never met IRL, but it's kind of my dream to meet your dad someday. (And you of course!) I can just tell he's a real character from the things you post about him. He sounds like such a cool guy!