April 21, 2014

7 Things

1. I watched the blood moon - lunar eclipse in bed like a smarty pants. There was a live link streaming a perfect close up of it. It was neat to see it change. I took a screenshot of it instead of getting out of bed to only accomplish getting a blurry iPhone photo of it.

2. I got my first kidney infection now I can scratch that off my bucket list of "Infections to Acquire."

3. The kidney infection started as a UTI (TMI) and made it's little way to my underdeveloped kidney. It's been fun in the sort of way one likes ant bites.

4. My phone hasn't been able to log into FB and I haven't missed it one bit. I didn't even notice until my family was talking about something that happened on it Easter Sunday. That's how conversations start now, "Did you see that post on FB?" Mine usually start with, "So, on Twitter this thing happened," and people give me a blank stare because no one in my real life likes Twitter.

5. I bought tickets to Chiodos for May 13th. I'm beyond excited and I got Tyrone on board so it's going to be one hell of a night.

6. I've been going back and forth with car decisions for the past month or so. My car lease is up in one month and I planned on turning it in so that I could live with out having a car payment, but we've decided to buy my car so I'll be in debt forever now. We've been going through this strange turmoil knowing that it was ending soon and not having a decision made was giving both of us heartburn. The last thing I thought I would do was buy it but it actually feels good knowing I'm going to keep it. My Mazda car salesman husband didn't even try to get me to buy a new one either - not for lack of trying though. My car now is a Mazda 3 and I love it dearly. It's one of those cars that I've always wanted because I'm a sucker for little hatchbacks. It is this bright pretty blue color too. I really don't have a big hangup on having a nice car even though that's how I was raised. Where I'm from having a nice car or big truck is one of those life achievements to strive for even if you can't afford it. Well, I can afford my car so that isn't the issue, I just wanted NO BILLS! I live right next to a Trax station too that drops off right next to my work so I would have been fine M - F but Tyrone is rarely home so I would never be able to go anywhere else unless he was home and you can forget about me walking or riding a bike. I live in an industrial area that isn't really in walking distance of grocery stores and such. My dad has this old Geo Metro too that I could have had fixed up to drive but I had reservations because it would have been like going back to high school when I drove a Ford Fiesta (with cowhide seat covers no doubt). As practical as it sounds to turn my car in it just didn't feel right. Maybe I'm going to need it for something in the future. I'm just glad I feel good about this decision.

Wow that was long. Can you tell it's been driving me insane?

7. Frederick ran so much yesterday that he didn't even want to get out of bed this morning. Tyrone had to pull the covers off of him to get him to wake up. I'm not paying him to stay in bed all day!

How was your Easter?


Erin Honestly said...

Ugh, my friend I feel your pain! I have made many trips to the ER because of kidney infections and they are so terrible. I hope you never get another one, ever!!

I bought tickets for the May 19th Chiodos show! I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU'RE GOING! The new singer for Emarosa is so goddamn hot, too, OMG Brandy.

kendahl a. said...

Kidney infections! :\ I get one about once a year and I can say, they are truly awful. I hope you don't have to go through it again!

Anonymous said...

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Lydia Piscioneri said...

I understand how you feel about having to pay bills. I think many people would like to forego that. Have you figured out the expenses of having a car against not having one? You've mentioned that you could afford it, so if you'd actually be spending less with a car, then this is a good deal. Now all that's left is finding the car that suits your needs best. Good luck!

Lydia Piscioneri @ Credit Group Australia