June 19, 2014

7 Things

1. Back to it today after being on vacation for 1.5 weeks. Much tears were shed.

2. This spoke to my heart.

3. We went on the best vacation. I'm hoping to blog about it soon. We did so much it may need to come in segments.

4. We've hardly had any time to relax (Tyrone zero time) since being back. We've literally had to jump into it the next day.

5. Sunday is Ty's birthday.

6. Still crying.

7. I haven't seen the season finale of Game of Thrones yet and I've been lucky enough not to come across any spoilers online yet. Thank God! I'm hoping we can see it tonight.

(most boring post ever!)


1 comment:

kendahl a. said...

Go watch GoT! It's a good one. That's all.

I can't wait to see a million pictures from your vacation!