June 28, 2014

2014 Summer Vacation - Golden Gate Bridge & Redwoods

We got up early Tuesday morning to begin heading up the coast from San Fran to Crescent City. We spent a lot of time at the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was right up Ty's alley. He had to read every informational post and walk all around checking it out from every angle. It was the perfect mixture of fog, mist and overcast that morning. The bridge, I have to say, is pretty magical. It has a magnificent energy around it, both positive and dark. I dare say we even had a spiritual time there.
Did you know that someone jumps from this bridge on an average of every ten days?

I spent a lot of time through wine country laying down because I got car sick. The 101 is a gorgeous drive but it's not straight and not compatible with my stomach. Once we were nearing Humboldt county and the Redwoods I was able to sit up and enjoy the ride. We spent a lot of time in the Avenue of the Giants and got out of the car to climb all over the trees like overly excited elves. It is a majestic place. We had so much fun driving through the little tourist towns and stopping at the gift shops. I am sad to report we didn't spot Big Foot though.

We had the chance to meet up for dinner with our friend Gabe at this incredible restaurant where I had the most amazing lobster macaroni and cheese.

After a few more hours of driving we finally arrived in Crescent City where we stayed at the WORST motel ever. We were put right next to a meth head (not exaggerating) who was up all night smoking, coughing and having sex. Who am I to judge what others do on their vacation (or hideout from the cops) except that the door that connected our rooms was not locked and the walls were paper thin. Neither Tyrone and I could sleep. I think we both slept for maybe an hour each. I even turned my headphones up so that the gentle screams of little boys would drown out the coughing meth head, but it didn't help. It's a good thing the place is cheap. It had excellent ratings on booking.com too. The place wasn't dirty I'll give it that and the lady running the place was really nice. But it wasn't in the best place either. It was sort of near the ocean but not really.

That morning we got right up and left as soon as possible. After stopping for breakfast at Starbucks we headed for a park and sipped our coffee looking out over the ocean. Crescent City is pretty cool but our experience at the motel ruined it for us. Just as I said I wanted to look for lighthouses as we drove up the OR coast for the day there was one right to the left of us. Battery Point Light.

And that was the beginning of an awesome day up the OR coast.

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kendahl a. said...

I am way jealous of you seeing the Redwoods. It's one of the only places along the coast that I haven't been and I want to go SO BADLY.