October 29, 2014

October - 2014 Monthly Selfie

Testing out my Halloween makeup. I wanted to try it all with my contacts but I didn't know I had to let them soak for 2 hours before putting them in for the first time. At this point it was 11:30pm and I was not about to wait that long. I want to add some sort of bite wound or bloody mouth stuff but I can't decide. I blocked out my eyebrows for the first time using the washable glue stick method. It took a long time and it turned out alright. In this pic it looks great but in person you could still see my eyebrows after four layers. I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip that part Halloween morning. It was fun to try though!

There are a few Halloween DIY's that I wanted to post but seriously can't find the time to do it. I think it mostly has to do with our computer screen being out. I HATE blogging on my TV screen and it makes editing pictures more difficult. You would think seeing it on a large screen would be nice but it isn't. Mostly, I want to sit in bed with my laptop on my lap and watch TV while I blog and work on my shop but I can't right now. I'm really pushing for a new laptop by Christmas. I may try to trade Frederick in for a new one. Do you think Apple would go for it? He's cute and trendy and that's right up their alley.


kendahl a. said...

You look incredible. The no eyebrows thing is really freaky.

Take Fred to the Apple store and see what they say. It's worth a shot, right? If not, you might be able to put a trade ad up on KSL. Some hipster would totally go for it.

Vapid Vixen said...

This looks so amazing. Also, I'm pretty sure you'd rather eat a bag of crusty toenails than trade in Frederick for anything. You're not fooling me.