October 13, 2014

They all float down here.... Nails!

I said I had great plans for this polish but I'm not sure how great that plan turned out. It might be the fact that I try to hide my eyes from any clown picture that pops up as to the reason why I wasn't able to capture one very well on my nails. OR it's because my stubs won't allow for it. Actually it is because I didn't practice a clown face beforehand I just dove right in. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but I think the lack of quality just ads to the creep factor that it is supposed to have.

It's about facing my fears although this is as far as facing my clown fear is going to get. Although, I got through the entire first episode of the new season of American Horror Story Freakshow and I only cried once. Twisty the clown is the most frightening clown since Time Curry in It.

With all that said, I know Kendal, the creator of this incredible polish, has a fear of clowns too so it just makes this even more perfect. At first glance this polish is very cutesy and I can envision lots of adorable cupcake nails posted all over Pinterest with this. The formula is really nice. It reminds me of when the Funfetti frosting used to be good and was made with those amazing candy bits and not the crappy sprinkles that it's made with now. (Ok I just got word from my friend it's called Rainbow Chip frosting and I need to see if they still make it stat!)

Polish is, They All Float Down Here by Firecracker Lacquer from the What Are You Afraid of? line.

Sidenote: My nails are growing on my right hand but they are still very weak and peal. My left hand is riding the short bus to the party. It might have to do with the fact I can't keep that hand out of my mouth. I'm excited to use this polish, Nail Envy, Kendahl sent me! She has perfect timing because these polishes got to me right on my birthday. She also sent me Submerged and I can't wait to slap that shit on my fingers.

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kendahl a. said...

I both love and hate this. :)