August 11, 2008

Chica's Best Perro

Frederick Biggie Franklin
I just have to brag on my pooch. I took this video of him a couple weeks ago doing all his tricks; sitting, laying, speaking, roll over, shake and dance. (I would upload the video but I've tried like 20 times and it won't let me. It's under the maximum size and everything...I don't get...I'm totally over it...not really). Frederick is almost 18 months now but he was able to do all of this stuff by the time he was 10 weeks. He was sitting on command at 8 weeks. He came in to our lives at the perfect time. I truly believe he is a blessing. I just love him. He's my little buddy and he is keeping me company tonight while Tyrone is gone. We are watching my "Friends" episodes for the 300th time. No joke! Tyrone is so sick of "Friends" because it's always on. I'm a total addict. He loves me despite that one flaw. We don't get very good television reception so we watch episodes on dvd and movies over and over again. Right now Frederick is sulking because I won't play tug-o-war with him. He thinks he's the king of my lap and feels free to jump on it anytime with out notice. And when anything is in front of me like the computer or a book or magazine he has to nudge his way in between us. He even does this when Tyrone and I are spending too much time together. Boston's can be very territorial so he thinks he owns my ass; I just let him think that (wink-wink). For those of you that think I'm strange for posting this well you can kiss my ass, people talk about their kids all of the time and he is my child so there.

This is a great shot of him and Bo-Bo riding in grandpa's truck

I just had to throw this one in. This is him during his drag queen phase. You can't see it but he has glitter all over him.
Drag Puppy


The Strebels 2001 said...

Brandy.. I think it totally rocks you write about you dog, like a kid.. I'm that same way with my dogs.. I love them to death.. the only bad thing is now with a baby.. Kloee is giving me the cold shoulder.. Boo

Bubba said...

I'm so glad someone else feels the same. Thanks Mandy!! Kloee will get use to the new guy...hopefully soon.