August 9, 2008

What a girl wants is damn right!

So, I've already made my bouquet. I've known what I have wanted for awhile now and jumped all over it. I got engaged last Friday and had it done on Sunday. No procrastinating for this chica. Here it is:
So far I'm going with my favorite colors. If you don't know what they are, here they are listed from most fabulous. 

1. Purple
2. Fuscia (not pastel ping; as bright as you can get pink)
3. Teal/Turqoise (in the brightest of forms)
4. Black

Last Saturday we went dress shopping for Rachael. I just had to post this pic of her. Doesn't she look like a star being fussed over? I absolutely love the look on her face. I think she could get use to this. 
By the way, Rachael is my brother's fiance. They got engaged a few weeks before we did. It's kind of funny to be getting married close to each other because my bro is 7 years younger than I am. I have to mention that I am glad he is settling with a cool girl. Rachael is great, I've always gotten a good vibe from her. Thank God! Because there has been some girls in the past that I have NOT. I'm definitely the older protective sister. I totally approve of her and am glad that she is going to be my sister I've never had one so this will be fun and interesting to get use to. 

More pics from the Sweet Ass night:


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!yur bouquet is freaking awesome but i should know that an awesome girl like you would of course be getting such a beautiful bouguet as yurs ,and oh yea Rachel does look beautiful in that dress and of course my girl bubba looks like a princess in her dress isnt it funny how that all worked out today(w the other dress bein there and them just barley acceptin am.ex.) God is soo kool!!

Angela said...

I LOVE your bouquet!! Such talent. Your wedding will be gorgeous, I'm sure!

Bubba said...