September 8, 2012

Big Head & Sausage Fingers

I had to take the video down that I made about us moving at Tyrone's request. It was one of those "pick-your-battle" moments so I just did him a solid instead of fighting about it. If you didn't watch it the jist is we're moving in with my parent's at the end of the month. You can imagine what that's doing to me as a almost 34 year old independent woman. I'm planning on writing more about it when I'm not busy with packing and life stuff. So instead of that video I'm posting this one instead.


kendahl said...

haha the big head is a family thing. I've got it too.

yo madrea said...

sorry bout givin u my big snyder head, :/ and i was just thinking im so swollen today , i thought it was the curry we ate last nite , humm mabe, xo

Vapid Vixen said...

OH man. Sorry to hear about the move. Been there. If it's any consolation you're still fucking hilarious. Oh. And you're kicking my ass at songpop. I'm really starting to hate that fucking game.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Yes Kendahl - it's just no fair we have the huge german heads.

Mom - but your head is smaller than mine remember?! lol

Dawn - thanks gurrl - I suck at Song Pop too! I do like beating you it gives me some hope, lol.