September 18, 2012

In My Brain

In the last few days Tyrone and I have started watching horror movies and so far we're 0-2, at least in my opinion. Two movies I've never seen before, one I wanted to see what it was all about and the other I was practically forced to watch by Ty; The Last House on the Left (1972) and The Human Centipede II. Yes that's right we went straight to the sequel of the The Human Centipede. We couldn't be bothered with the first one (well, Tyrone watched it in fast forward). This movie is nothing less than f*cked up. OK both movies are totaled f*cked but I will say that the cinematography is beautiful which is weird to say but it is. I'm not saying that to sound like a movie snob either, of which I could not be farther from, but it really is easy on the eyes even the bug eyed villain is hard to tear your eyes from. The Last House on the left I have to admit I fell asleep in because if I'm watching a movie from the 70's I have to be pretty damn alert because they tend to be a little slow. This left me with nightmares and a sick feeling in my stomach but anything with rape scenes in it will do that. We watched the 2009 version sometime around when it was released on DVD. It is pretty different than the original version plus it has Jesse Pinkman in it even. It's much better than the original in my opinion.


Moving – blah, blah, blah. I will say that my mom has been helping out a ton and it has pretty much saved my sanity that is for sure.




Lately I've become a bit emotionally involved in politics and I need to step back for a bit. I'm so sick of it all right now but at the same time I think it's important to stay informed – but at the cost of what?! I don't know. It's all just really frustrating to me right now.


3 out of 4 of my plants are still alive that's good news! My avocado tree is growing well and it's starting to become pretty tall. I just hope it doesn't go into shock when we move and die. I will be sad.


Parks and Recreation and The Office start this week. Word.


I'm lacking in witty commentary lately. I'm just too damn busy.


This morning coffee isn't doing its job. I think it's time to evolve to meth, it's only natural.



kendahl said...

I hate cancer.

I hope your avocado keeps going! If it gets to a point where you think it's dying, don't give up hope. I thought mine was a goner but it's back and better than ever!

I can't wait for Grey's to start.

jessemac said...

So Douglas wanted to watch the first Human Centipede movie, so I humored him. And I was really surprised, too, by how visually attractive the move was in general. It made it slightly more bearable. I don't want to mention to him that the second one is on there now...

Glad you're moving is going well. We're about to start that process ourselves. Hope the rest of your plants survive the process.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks ladies!!!