May 29, 2013

7 Things - I love TV

1. Great Gatsby - I was worried I was going to have a similar experience to what I had after watching Les Miserables but I didn't. I loved this movie, I really, really did. I even got past the annoying doe eyes that are on Carrie Mullgan's face. I thought it would be even more extravagant and crazy but it wasn't for my taste. I mean, the critics killed it but I loved it so there you go. I clearly don't generally agree with them on most movies anyways. I really just enjoyed seeing this book on screen and Leo did great in it. I'm becoming more affectionate towards him in his adult acting days although I still see the skinny dweeb from The Beach sometimes when I look at him, although I never did that in this movie.

2. Furious 6 - we unabashedly love this movie franchise. All I have to say is Fast 5 was better but 6 was still fun to see. I mean, The Rock, come on.

3. Arrested Development - I am about half way through watching all of the new episodes. I love them even though the twitterverse is going ape-shit on them. Let's not take this too seriously people. Just have fun and watch it. Can I suggest, maybe, taking off your panties as to avoid getting them in a twist?

4. I quit the gym. It served it's purpose to get me through Winter without losing my mind and becoming a total cripple from sitting at a desk all day. Now I just have to make sure I stay a bit more active this Summer. (I'm totally laughing at myself just typing that.)

5. Breaking Bad - I'm so beyond annoyed that it isn't coming out until August 11th that I'm tempted to not even watch it. OK, I know I will but still. It's so frustrating. It's not like we're waiting for another season this is the SECOND HALF to the season we've been waiting a fucking eternity to see. That's TOO DAMN LONG.

6. The Voice - I get sucked in every season. This season has become a 90's country music time warp and even though that is when I was more fond of country music, and is decade which consists of songs that I happen to know a lot of the words to, I just can't with it anymore. It's too much. My mom and I are going crazy with it but my dad is in hog heaven. Last night they voted off the two best singers (next to Michelle) and you could hear Adam Levine say "I hate this country" just before the two were announced to be leaving, I laughed so damn hard because it really does seem like Merica doesn't know what is up when it comes to good taste sometimes. My favorite by far was Sarah (who was voted off) because she used to be in a screamo band. She can screech like nobody's business. I love her! The other girl was Judith and she used to sing with MJ. You can see her on this This Is It movie. She is amazing too. I'm going to spare you with all of my mean and judgmental comments that I have stewing in the black culdron that is my gut about Blake's team. Let's just say that last night I just kept yelling, in my most annoying southern slang Merica, Merica, Merica...I could video it for you if you want to get the full effect?

I'm sure my dad loved me for it.

How annoying do you think I am now? I could probably get a lot more annoying if you wanted to test me.

7. Finished Freaks and Geeks - I can't fully express my love for this show. I'm so sad there aren't more episodes to watch. It was brilliant.

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