May 8, 2013

7 Things

1. I feel myself getting all worked up like a mom defending her asshole of a kid who just kicked dirt in another kid's face because he though it would be funny, recently when people call pregnant Kim K. fat. Listen, I get it, I really do, and I understand comedy, but some people aren't just using her for a cheap joke some people really think she is fat. I mean, my husband can't even walk by a gossip rag with her on the cover with out saying something "funny" about her. And this is someone who he has continuously drooled over in the past. She is pregnant first of all, and when you take someone who is naturally curvy, is SHORT, has large breasts and a big booty and you take away their waist? Then yes, they will look like a round ball (or a floral couch due to recent events). I guess I get defensive because I know, I KNOW, that if I do ever get pregnant then I am sure I will look worse than her. I am short, have a big ass, and boobs. The bad thing is I don't really have much of a waist at the moment and definitely do not exercise as much as she does so I can only imagine what pregnancy would do to my body. Ok, I'm done.

I'm not exactly comfortable with myself that this was number 1 on my list, but if I relate it to women's rights it deserves the spot.

2. The Office. Only two episodes left. I am already crying. In fact, I almost started crying during last week's episode when Dwight FINALLY became manager. The exchange between him and Jim after was priceless too. Sorry, if this was a spoiler for anyone, but it's been a week already. I could write an entire post about this show and it's influence on my life. I admit when Steven Carell was leaving it was not as funny but the last two seasons have stepped up, especially this year it has been so funny which only makes losing them so much worse.

3. Velveeta Mac' n Cheese and chocolate milk are my all-time comfort foods.


5. Tonight on my way home from work I finished listening to this. I needed a refresher from high school (I think that is when I read the book?) before seeing the movie when it comes out soon.

6. I have Halloween on the brain a lot lately. I've already come up with a few different costume ideas.

7. Last but oh so not least, did you catch this last night on Late Night? I didn't either because I crashed hard right before it came on. So. Damn. Funny.

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kendahl said...

I've never seen a full episode of The Office. Feel free to throw stones.

I like the Lip Sync Off. That was really funny.