February 7, 2014

7 things plus a few more

1. I hit 100% on all of the conformity in The Simpsons Tapped Out game - if you were wondering just how pathetic I am. I am super proud of this - so, very pathetic.

2. I've been listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. I love all of the weird that it is. It's about a fictitious town and tells its story in a community update format. There's a dark cloud and hooded figures hanging out in the dog park. At first I wasn't sure but now I love it. I listen to it on Stitcher and am able to log into it on my desktop at work so that helps. "Vigilantly justice is always highly encouraged."

3. I've been making progress on the blanket I started for my nephew 11 months ago. I'm finally at the part where you start to feel like you might actually finish.

4. I usually like the Winter Games but this go around is not keeping my interest.

5. Tyrone and I tried to mix our social activities up a bit and went to this place called Hollywood Connection. You know one of those places you can drop your kids off for the day and leave them there to run around like muskrats. You can do every kind of activity you can think of there and if you enjoy the smell of musty, sweaty balls then you would L.O.V.E. this place. We chose to do the mini golf because it required the least amount of physical activity. It was the shortest and easiest mini golf layout I've ever played on but we still had fun.
Check out this ambitious magician. He's precious. You can't beat a radical AND free experience.
I got a hole-in-one on this hole. A hole in which my competitive husband struggled pretty hard with, so much that he had to walk up to the obstacle, get on his hands and knees, and inspect it like as if it wasn't made properly. Then there is me and my nonchalant attitude and knocks my ball through it in one swing. Not to gloat but winning him on this one hole made my night because he gets way too much pleasure out of winning and even though I didn't beat him in the round, I did on this ONE hole dammit.
This is him trying to rack his brain (and yack my ear off) about how on earth I could pull such a thing off.

6. I want so very much to do this in a house someday I love it. (Found on ABM blog)

7. I finally took my tree down. It is my biggest accomplishment of the year thus far.

8. Work has been insane lately. I hate it when it consumes my life. 

9. We just finished An Idiot Abroad and I have to say how awesome it is. It is on Netflix if you haven't checked it out. Brilliant!


kendahl a. said...

No joke, I'm jealous of your five stars.

Radical illusions sound pretty awesome. I still stay radical but I'm pretty sure I am the only one.

OHHMYYYGAAAHHDDD that leopard wall!!! So much excitement! I want that in my house.

Erin Honestly said...

FIVE STARS IS A HUGE FEAT! I bow down to you.

The pictures of Tyrone are killing me!