February 24, 2014

7 Things

1. We're going to see Foreigner in Wendover on Friday and we're even taking the Fun Bus to get there. Tyrone won this package at work otherwise I would never pay actual dollar bills to go to this thing BUT I will say I'm excited to sing out-loud to Hot Blooded and Jukebox Hero with a beer in my hand with all the other WT oldies who will be there. It's a "sold-out" show so I feel pretty damn special. We will be getting back around 1pm on Saturday just in time for me to be at my brother's house in Eagle Mountain at 2pm to watch the boys overnight. Yeay for me! I better snort a lot of coke just to get by.

2. We cleaned our bedroom this weekend and did ALL of our laundry. We even folded it AND put it away. I can't believe it! It's like a Christmas miracle [she said hopping on one leg in a little boys voice].

3. The Olympics are over. Thank God.

4. It was 60 degrees out today during lunch.

5. We need to do our taxes - anyone started that BS yet? I'm procrastinating getting them started this year because I'm pretty sure we'll end up owing. Two middle-class working Americans who make a decent wage with no kids and no mortgage pretty much get shafted. Oh well. I understand that the alternatives, in reality, are much more spend-y throughout the year.

6. Sometimes in the middle of the day I miss Frederick and I wish he could hang out with me while I worked. He would be the best office mascot. He never leaves my side when we're at home and I think it's started to affect me.

7. My friend at work gave me her copy of Chelsea Handler's book, Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea. I thought it would be funnier. I really like her but this book has not kept my interest. I'm almost done with it and it has been really good at helping me sleep at night.


kendahl a. said...

Have fun at Foreigner! And good luck with the babysitting. :\

I think we'll end up owing, we do every year. It's aggravating, but what do you do? I spent the weekend trying to get everything together to get them done. I HATE it.

I downloaded all of Chelsea Handler's books, and honestly, they are not that funny. I really like her show and her standup but the books, meh.

Erin Honestly said...

Ahhhhh I love Foreigner! You are so lucky, lol! I wish I could go with you and we could act like ridiculous a-holes together!

Usually the Gov yanks my tax return away from me because my student loans were in default but now they're not! I think it might still affect my dumb taxes for this time around though. I do not understand how that bullshit works. Thank god for Henry. :(