July 11, 2014

7 Things

1. When work is mind-suckingly busy, I get home and do nothing the rest of the night, pant-less. I have no stamina. No stamina. No pants.

2. We've got up twice this week BEFORE work to walk\run (crawl\cry) and I could easily become an alcoholic if we keep this up for too long. Coping mechanism.

3. Today is free Slurpee day at 7 Eleven because the date is 7-11, if you couldn't figure that out for yourself. Free Slurpee day can be everyday if you're willing to lick the spillage off the floor like the kids in my neighborhood. Or even just tip your head under the Banana flavor dispenser real quick while the cashier is distracted by an idiot trying to pump gas before paying for it.

4. I need to get caught up on posting. I have a bunch of things lined up, but you know, I'd rather watch Netflix.

5. Lauryn Hill was in town for a show last night for the SLC twilight concert series. I was almost willing to overlook how gross it gets at that venue and even fight off all of the patchouli stained "Rainbow Family" looking assholes, just to see her. To be able to live-out my adolescent dreams of becoming a bad-ass 90's female rapper, as I yelled-sang out every word as she sang it herself would have been a highlight of the summer.

Fugess were my shit. They remind me of my friend Chaunga whom I forced to listen to me perform every solo of Lauryn's from The Score, obliviously from the drivers seat of my purple Geo Prizm. She was so obliging. 

6. I saw an ex-boyfriend's mom walking downtown the other day during my lunch break. She walked right past my car as I was waiting for the light to turn green. She had not changed from what I could tell. She looked exactly the same and still miserable as hell. She hated me so bad. I was instantly transported back in time and remembered all of the awful things she would say about me and to my face. I wondered if he ever got away from her grip and if she was making his current wife's life miserable. 

7. I've been watching Angel on Netflix before I go to bed. Last night was the episode where Doyle sacrificed himself and I got all sad because I really liked him (he was Becky's husband on Roseanne too. there's you useless fact of the day). He died of a heroin overdose in real life. 

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kendahl a. said...

You're crazy for going walking before work. I can barely manage to get ready for work before work.