September 20, 2014

7 Things

1. This week my brain sure has been struggling. On Monday I parked in Tyrone's assigned parking spot and didn't even realize until he told me when he got home from work. It doesn't sound like a big deal but for me it is. I don't do things like that. At least it was his and not one of my neighbor's spots. 

2. I went to work on Tuesday with two different shoes on and didn't realize until I had been there for hours. 

3. Wednesday I was sick and the stress it caused just to call in was not worth the headache to stay home. I swear to God!!

4. Last Sunday we went to a farmers market with our friends and our dogs like a bunch of walking clich├ęs, or at least that's how I felt. I did like being able to get fresh produce from local farmers but I'm not one to brag about doing so. Those who do are annoying. I don't want to come across like that. 

5. I made a shit ton of enchiladas last week for a work function and ended up with a ton left over. Never. Fucking. Again. 

6. Don't go to Costco with PMS cravings. 

7. When he brings me every one of his babies to get my attention. 

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kendahl a. said...

Aw, Fred! What a sweetheart.