September 12, 2014

Easy DIY Maleficent Horns

I mentioned back in May when I did my Maleficent monthly selfie that I would post the DIY for the horns I made. Well, three months later I'm finally living up to my word. These are super easy and you don't need much to get started.

Tip: When you're wrapping the tape around the head band be sure to keep putting on your head to make sure you're staying true to the size of your own head. I made my too small which wasn't a big deal because I knew I would only be using it for the picture but it wouldn't have stayed in place if it had been for a costume. 

Disclaimer: These are crappy iPhone photos but I feel that when I actually take the time to remember to document a process my iPhone is just the easiest to use. 
floral wire. black duct or duck tape. pliers. headband. scissors. black electrical tape. circle piece of cardboard
I took the circle piece of cardboard from the duct tape I bought and cut a slit up one side to the middle..
Pull the edges of the slit in towards each other until it starts to form a partial cone. You just want it to be curved enough to cup your melon. Tape it together.
Next, tape it to your head band. I had to pull the cupcake off of mine that I bought for $1.

Next I took some wire and bent it into the desired length of the horns and then wrapped it around a couple times to give each "horn" some girth (lol, girth)
Next, tape those under the cardboard circle on each side. 
Bend the wire horns to emulate the shape of her horns
Now begins the harder part, wrapping the electrical tape around the entire head piece.
I began by taking some of the larger duct tape pieces and sticking them to the cardboard to form a hat shape around the back and across the top. Once I was happy with the base of the hat/head piece I continued wrapping electrical tape up the wire horns. I cut the front piece to make the widows peak.  
This took a lot of tape and has some weight to it.
I recommend using some heavy duty clips or bobby pins.


kendahl a. said...

I love the horns, and the pictures of you, so incredibly much!

Erin Honestly said...

The resemblance is soooo uncanny! Gah, you are so gorgeous, with horns and without!