May 31, 2014

2014 Monthly Selfie - May

This one is sliding into May with 25 minutes to spare. I got a giant bug up my ass and I just had to do a Maleficent theme. I couldn't get it out of my head. The promo posters of Angelina Jolie as her are mesmerizing. It really is the perfect role for her. She looks stunning. (and I don't even like her)

So now that I have you thinking of Angelina (like the idiot that I am) here is a selfie of me for the month of May. I'm even pumped enough to post a tutorial of how I made the horns very soon. (what has gotten into me with all of this blogging lately?)


Erin Honestly said...

Seriously, this is fucking fabulous. When I saw it on Instagram, I almost died!

I can't stand Angelina, but I agree with you: who else could pull off Maleficent? I want to see it really bad!

Also, I for one am super stoked that you've been blogging so frequently!

ma said...

lv lv lv your geourgeous face

kendahl a. said...

I cannot even handle how amazing this is! And you look incredible! You really rock that red lipstick.