May 26, 2014

Nails up in this Bitch.

I know just what you wanted to see on Memorial Day.

Warning: Major photo overload.

Something has lingered inside of me that has wanted to document a large portion of the manicures I have given myself, so this is really all this post is about. Me.

I loved giving myself claws, but I will say that my nails have STILL not fully recovered from having them. Full disclosure? My nails weren't great before which is one of the reasons I went ahead and got them anyways. Even though my nails are about as strong as strong as an overcooked noodle, they used to at least grow fast. They don't grow fast anymore I'm not sure what happened but they suck even worse now.

I still love painting them though.
This is one of my favorite shades. It's a revlon color that is this dark emerald sandy shade. It looks great on, but it looks drab in this photo. I bought it because some popular nail blogger said how gross it was and I ran right out and bought it.

This is what my nails usually look like.

all time fav

this are some of my all time favs

these didn't turn out so great but I loved the idea

sometimes nude is the way to go

This is what my nails look like right at this moment. I've been wanting to do this for awhile and I finally went out and bought some lime green polish and did it.

These are polishes handmade by my cousin Kendahl who is also known as the Stepmom Extraordinare. Her new polish line is called Fire Cracker Lacquer - go follow her progress here!
These are the polishes over a black base. The middle finger has the dusty pink color over it. I've been obsessed (pre blogger hype word being used here) ever since I got it. It's so beautiful I wish I could capture all of the different shades it throws in different light. It is pure galaxy in a bottle.

So pretty!


kendahl a. said...

I always love your nails. The slimer nails are fantastic and one day I will replicate them!

Thanks for the shout-out. ♥♥

Erin Honestly said...

"I bought it because some popular nail blogger said how gross it was and I ran right out and bought it." <---This is one of the many reasons I love you!!

Your manis are dope, and I especially like the galaxy ones and the one you're using as your header currently - so disgusting, sick and PERFECT!

Kendahl's polishes look so hot over the black base! I honestly just posted my Firecracker Lacquer mani on my blog minutes before coming here. I'm so excited to try more!!

I wish we lived closer. I would make Henry cook for you in exchange for you to paint my nails. I have zero nail art creativity these days!