May 8, 2014

7 things

1. I have a renewed love for Tumblr. 

2. I hate it when my sarcasm falls flat on others. But sometimes I love it when others don't get it. I get a little high from it. 

3. I wish 2 inch acrylic nails were practical for my life. That shit would have switch blades dangling from each pinky nail. 

4. I want to beleive. #xfiles

5. Next Tuesday is going to be The. Shit. 

6. The older I get the harrier my arms get. 

7. I love my mom. 


kendahl a. said...

Tumblr confuses the hell out of me, for real. Every time I get on there trying to find something I get lost in the Tumblr maze.

I fucking LOVE your tattoo. I need new ink badly.

Erin Honestly said...

Your tattoo is a true beauty!