May 25, 2014

7 Things

1. I'm watching Adventures in Babysitting on Netflix right now.

2. I'm funny sometimes.

3. This.

4. This also.
5. This too.

6. Should have bought this. I'll never forget the time my friend through my copy of this CD out my car window while we were driving in my Ford Festiva down the street form my house. 

7. Bought these because it was time.


kendahl a. said...

OKAY. Your Pluto shirt. You know that dusty holo color you like? It's going to be called "Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough" which is a mouthful but it's dedicated to Pluto, the has-been planet.

Jenni Royster said...

I thought it was my copy. Sorry, I can't remember if we went back and got it