September 17, 2014

DIY Swiss Cross Mirror

This is simple. Take an old mirror give it an upgrade by using a glass etch kit and follow the instructions on it using whatever design you would like.

I wanted a little mirror with a swiss cross on it for our bathroom. I found this perfect oval mirror for the job. I measured where the middle of the mirror was and taped around it in the shape of a cross. It's pretty cool to see how the etching works.

The pictures of the mirror really suck. I have no idea what the trick is to taking a good picture of a freaking mirror. Plus I didn't clean mine before and it drives me crazy that I can finger prints on it. It has a rugged personality now and I love it.




kendahl a. said...

You should make one with a Fred silhouette. :)

Erin Honestly said...

That is really cool. And yes to the Fred silhouette suggestion!