March 2, 2009

2/25/09 - I'm taking a ride...

2/25/09: Last night in the car we were driving down Highland Drive back from The Rack purchasing Ty a Tie (clever, I know), a yellow tie for the wedding THIS Saturday!!! On the way home we stopped by Yanni’s to get one of the best gyros and fired muchrooms we know of. So Good! Anyway, we were singing Barracuda by Heart to the top of our lungs and reminiscing about playing it on Guitar Hero before our copy was ruined. Now we talk about the game like it’s a lost family member. Good times! Driving around in the car reminds me of back in high school. Doing nothing and jamming to whatever we were listening to at the time on the radio or CD. (Now it’s all about the Ipod) I love that I can share that experience with Tyrone . I can belch it out with my awesome vocal skills in front of him and he doesn’t care because he will just do the same.

This makes me think of the song Never Let Me Down Again, by Depeche Mode. "I'm taking a ride with my best friend..." 

That song also makes me think of Zach too. 

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