March 13, 2009

Finally I found Internet

I am so cheap. I am sitting in some neighborhood blogging right now. I get it where I can! I hope you all like our save the dates. We took the pic on our Mac using Photobooth in our dinning room. I had them developed at Walmart online. So easy! I made the rest on cardstock with sweat and labor from my own paint chipped nails and two hands. 

Any way, here is a scanned copy of what I did. It doesn't look very good because I scanned it.

We decided to move our wedding date up. We were originally going to do September 14th, 2009 which is our current anniversary date. It’s funny because when we decided to move it up it just took so much stress off. You would think it would put more stress on us having less time to plan. We did not want to wait till September.

BTW, for all of you who decided to participate in the Homemade Fun, I am making your gifts tonight. Yeay! I can't wait for mine!

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