March 2, 2009

Peace Love and a Purple Rubber Bank

I am boycotting work today. I decided to take pictures of my desk and one random pic of a purple rubber band I found which I am wearing all day. Purple is rare in the world of a beige office.
This is what the rest of our office looks like. 
When we moved downtown to a “remodeled” office this is what they decided on; boring yellow-ish beige walls with gray/blue accent. 
This is the desk next to me. 
I am very lucky not to have a neighbor. I hate small talk and to have to be forced to say good morning to someone every day would really agitate me.
Don't forget your desk stretches. 
My fan which I am a huge fan of, heehee. I am the hot one in the office, literally and metaphorically. I am also very self-confident (actually this is something I’ve been working very hard on and am making much progress with). Every other girl here is always cold and it bothers me, I don’t know why.

I have, have, have to listen to my Ipod when I make copies at work. I make a lot of copies (being an assistant will do that). I am like the contractor assassin, they hire me to kill trees. We kill a lot of trees at my work. Some things haven’t moved into the new school quite yet with us. I try to suggest things, but I am rarely listened to at my job.
I had to listen to Halloween music today while I copied. It makes me happy.


Jennikunz said...

I'm glad I work form home...I can be as cheery as possible!

Anonymous said...

yur office area is the only thing worth looking at, i would go totally bonkers lookin at only beige ugh ugh!!! boring!! and by way the halloween music?? i thought you would be listening to songs from musicals!! lol xoxo ma