March 28, 2009

Moab 1/2 Marathon & Blanding pics!

Pics of our trip to Moab, Monticello & Blanding (Don't let the name fool you). We had so much fun driving down and hanging out the day before.

Mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon

Pathetic dog

Day before the run in Monticello

We didn't see any hole but apparently there is a 
store inside the rock

Fred had a blast running the whole 80 acres in Blanding @ Jenni's dad's place. (Thanks Roland and Karen for the great hospitality)

Ty on one of the 4-wheelers

Us on the porch enjoying the fab weather

Jen & I waiting to run our guts out. I love breath rite strips!

This has to be the cutest pic of Jen ever. You can see the Colorado River behind her. We ran next to it for the first 10 miles.

Are you ready??

This pic is very deceptive. I am not smiling on the inside. This is the last mile. It was the WORST!! But we had our awesome men by us the whole last mile. Ty was running next to me while taking pics and holding Fred. He was so supportive and took such good care of me when we got home. Love ya babe!

This depicts more of what I was feeling like. Help me!

Finally done!! I am happy on the inside, clearly wanting to die on the outside.

Speech! Speech! "I'd like to thank all of my fans!"

BFF Runnin Bitches!! Team Star Chicas!
Jenni's boys were so proud of their mom! I am hating all pictures at this point.

A few minor repercussions 


Jennikunz said...

We totally rock! And those blisters were horrible! And you didnt even complain (unlike me and my groin pain)
Thanks for doing this with me and talking me through the last 10 miles! HA HA! Love ya more for it! And thanks for posting those nasty pictures of me!! HA I'm still down for keeping our saturday running routine if ya want!

Lucky 7s said...

Awesome run girl! It was so fun to watch you and Jen. Sorry to see those hurtful blisters - dang it! I wish my camera had worked to get a pic of Ty holding the dog AND the sign for you! Excellent job!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

I'm so proud of you. Good job! Those blisters look so painful. I hope you're all healed up by now.

Angela S said...

Congrats girl! This is something I want to do... someday. BUt I'm not so sure those blisters look too enticing - ouch!