August 26, 2009

The Bennett Baby Shower

The parent's to be! (any day now, I can't wait!)

She looks so beautiful. You can't even tell she is due any day.

We let the father-to-be have the first hit on the pinata. It didn't go well. He thinks he is like strong and all buff and stuff and knocked it right off of the rope in one shot. Thanks Pickle!
This is the stash I caught my dad with after we broke the pinata.

Pickle and Little Ms. Sass having a bubble war.

The "other" grandchildren.

So we went with a cowboy theme since they are having a little buckaroo. I had so much fun making the banner and the welcome sign and all of the cute little cupcake flags. It was a lot of work but turned out to be well worth it. You can't beat cupcakes & lemonade (oh wait I hate lemonade) under a big tree on a hot August Saturday with family and friends. The H.D.B. on the banner are the initials of the currently unborn child in my sister-in-law's stomach. Oh right, that would be my nephew.

Diamond B for the Bennett's. My mom just had to get a cake even though I made 70+ cupcakes that were a frickin' hit I might add.

This was the non-spiked version.

"Flick your cigarette and kiss me..." I love that line. It's so sexy. I can't get enough of that song. If you haven't heard it (you live under a rock if you haven't) check it out, Franz Ferdinand, No You Girls Don't. I have to mention that I hate smoking for obvious reasons and very personal reasons, but I had to have a cigar in honor of the fast approaching arrival of my nephew. I am so excited.
Onslo is so funny.

The Hub!

The father-to-be and my awesome bro.

Oh that's me.

He can even make a plastic cowboy hat look good.

I'm sorry I can't look at this pic for too long. That face he is pulling out of his ass just kills me.

My bestest friend in the whole wide world.


Anonymous said...

OMGOSH i freakin luv the pixs and the story you comments you wrote to go with it all , great job thats why u r our martha stewart xoxox

little ms. sassy shelby said...

The shower was great, the decorations were freakin' adorable, the cupcakes were tasty, Rachel is a beautiful, glowing pregnant girl, the bubble blowing contest hurt my jaw and I lost by a mile. Yet another lovely time put on by the Bennett's. It seems like whenever I come to family functions with your family I don't want to leave.