August 17, 2009

Eye Candy

So I woke up this morning tired as hell. I had a night terror last night and haven't quite recuperated from it yet (it's 5:30pm). After Ty woke me up from it I could not get back to sleep and all day I've been trying to shake it off with out any luck.

But when I came across this online today I was pleasantly surprised. Kate Spades new fall collection. Yum! I want to dress like this for work every day. My head is spinning with ideas on how to pull this off on my budget. As soon as we get our finances in line I am buying some colorful tights.

1 comment:

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Oh I love Kate Spade so much. This fall collection is effing fabulous! When you do find a way to do it on a budget, please tell me about it. And buy the stuff. And dress me every morning. Is that okay?