August 5, 2009

What a man will do for Smokes

What a man will do for smokes is incredible. He’ll drive 6 hrs. on a bumpy dirt road over a mountain with his 7 month pregnant daughter-in-law ridding in the passenger seat and the rest of his family following behind him sweating there asses off in a truck that might over-heat any second. Just a quick, peaceful drive to Midway? “Sure Dad, that should be fun” Did I mention that he tricked us by making us taking the LONG way to Midway after we told him we wanted the fasted route possible?

Thanks Onslo!


Singing Closer by NIN at the top of our lungs while Daisy plugged her ears in order to keep the evil tune from influencing her “angelic” aura. (At this point we were deliriously exhausted.)

And Onslo’s awesome spare ribs and pineapple up-side-down cake.

I put the camera in Twilight setting and got some crazy effects from the fire. We kept playing around saying that they were spirits showing up in the pics to freak us all out which is so easy to do when you're camping. Both my brother and I are very scared of the dark and the thought of any bears near by just makes things worse.

We found this carving from our old neighbor from way back in '89. I tried so hard to see something from my dad and the Bennett family. We were in an area that my dad practically lived in growing up as a kid. Their brand as a family is a diamond "B". We wanted to spot one so bad because we know there are a million trees with it on there some where.
Rachel and Grandma...hehe Oh and Hagen is there too.

On our way back to camp on the drive from hell. We were on top of the mountain and could see out forever. It was really beautiful up there.

There's pineapple up-side-down cake in there. Mmmmm...


Anonymous said...

ummm that was the awesomest campout ever , can u put some pix up on FB for me please lv you

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Rachel's pregnant belly is adrobale! I'm excited for that baby to get here.

This camp out looks fun, minus the long way too Midway trip. We've done that one too many times, I feel your pain.