December 17, 2011

Giving & Receiving {a sort of shopping guide}

Mostly this is about me receiving.

A few weeks ago I ordered a few things from a couple of my favorite online friends. I'm sharing this with you because I think it's nice to know what fellow online friends are into and to maybe spark some interest in you to check out their shops. I'll also be including links to other shops that I love and support.

Ms. Oh, Honestly Erin
Shop 1 & 2 & 3

Tyrone and I spent the night a few weeks ago reading every story that accompanies each of Erin's paintings. They are unique, clever, funny and interesting. I love art and enjoy it even more when I know a story behind it. I especially love these stories because they are well written and pure genius. Here are the stories of the two I picked up.
mary always did want to be a unicorn
Ever since Merry was a small gal, she had a soul-arresting kinship for unicorns. Rather than go to school dances, she would spend hours on the window seat of her bedroom, sketching pages of the majestic animals. 

Merry knew that, in her dream land, unicorns were the most regal creature one could aspire to be. Without that glistening spire, you were nothing better than a meager horse. Everyone knew that horses were left to haul plows in the fields while unicorns were fed candied apples by princesses and galloped across rainbows to other lands where slot machines hit the jackpot every time, growing marijuana was not illegal, and everyone sang like angels. (Just not Jessica Simpson. She will never sing like an angel. God, I hate her.)

After her 567th viewing of Legend, Merry could bear it no longer. Standing before her bedroom vanity, she punched straight through the mirror and watched numbly as the glass spiderwebbed. Oblivious to the blood dripping like sanguine jewels from her knuckles, she bent down and snatched up a piece of mirror that had landed softly at her feet. Honing the jagged shard into the shape of a perfect cone, and adrenaline pumping harder now than the time she watched her first porno, Merry struck the fat edge into her pate. It didn't take at first, her flesh tougher to pierce than she imagined. Grounding herself into the carpet, she fought against the double vision, hauling off and bashing the glass into her head with all her might.

Her mother found her three hours later, dead on the bedroom floor and, with arms akimbo, she sighed, "Well, Merry always did want to be a unicorn."

heart fart print
Cyrus desperately wants to puff some of his nutty love into your home. Little pink fart hearts trail in his wake.

Ms. Anika Toro

I have been admiring Anika's work ever since I met her online. Her photography is thought provoking and breath taking. I had to buy this calendar she designed. It is so clever I wish I would have come up with this idea, plus I thought it was a great idea to get a bunch of her work in one order. Every month is it's own note card and post card that you can tear off when the month is over. Incredible right? I snatched this up as soon as I saw it on her blog. Check out her photography and mixed media in her shop.

Ms. Kendahl Stepmom Extraordinaire

Kendahl is my cousin and that is not the reason why I am spotlighting her. She is very supportive of me and my blog and when no one else stops by to comment she almost always does and every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face. Her and her sister are the cutest two girls that would make any other woman puke but I love them and think they're so great. Kendahl has a scrap book supply shop on etsy that has the cutest stuff and for a great deal. I came home last night to a package from her and when I opened it I literally jumped up and down when the packets of Nesquick came pouring out of the envelope. It was such a cool surprise. Thanks Kendahl you rock so hard!

If you love beauty, handmade and work that has a lot of passion in it then you have to check out Beca and Doug's shop Tumbleweeds shop and their gorgeous shades. I think these are my favorite pair. I have an owl on my dresser that I purchased from them when they use to sell vintage goods. Check out her blog Tales of a Tumbleweed.

These girls are so inspiring, nice and original. They make some cool shit and are not your typical bloggers.

Kat is a local artist that I have admired ever since I saw her stuff at a local craft fair. She takes discarded art and "gives old art new death."

And more...My Pretty Zombie makeup, Honey from the Bee jewelry, School of Vintage, Pussycat Vintage, and Tall Glass of Water vintage goods.

Happy Shopping! Because I'm sure you're going to run out and check out everyone of these now just because I said so. I know it.


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Thanks for including me. :)

I really, truly love everything you posted about! The 'mary' print from Erin is one of my favorites of hers; I'm jealous you own it. I had never heard of a couple of them; thanks for introducing me! And My Pretty Zombie is on my list of treats I am buying with my first paycheck from the new job I got. Very excited for that.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

What a wonderful way to start the weekend! Thank you for the sweet words, Brandy. The paintings look so good in those frames!

I agree with everything you said about Anika and Kendahl, and I will be certain to check out the rest. Oh, and thank you for pimping out Andrea/MPZ, too! I sent her the link so she could see. You're the best!

Anika said...

So sweet of you...thanks! I don't think I have ever read the stories Erin writes about these creations...great imagination and such a funny writer!

I appreciate the shout out and am happy you like the calendar! Oh, thanks for the tweet too ;) I still don't know how to RT or do any of that or I would have. One day...

urban muser said...

of course i am a fan of anika's work. and the elephant fart hearts from erin are gooood :)