December 30, 2011

Things I learned this year 2011

*To let go*
of anger
of bitterness
of pride
of the things I can't control
of other people's issues and realizing that I should not be brought down by

*Be nice*
to those around me
including a few certain co-workers
other people's friends
(still working on the whole being nice to strangers thing)

in relation to letting go of some bitterness I had to forgive which was
probably the hardest part of all
forgiveness sheds bitterness

in my instincts more
in my husband's compliments regarding my body
in God

*Giving in to*
the Jersey Shore - there's a force that pulls me in
doing what other people want to do
doctor's orders

buy low-waisted tights unless you lose 40 pounds (cuts into muffin top)
stop listening to my instincts
think that my husband and I can start a trending topic on Twitter because
it will fail
assume that you will commit to a 365 Photo Project cuz you won't

And when things that you can't control come your way just take a deep
breathe and remember that most of it doesn' really matter. And for those
really tough to deal with people there's always bashing in their heads with
your vintage handbag.

Repeat to self when needed; "This place/person/thing does NOT deserve
to get the best of me."

*Things I've stopped hoping for:*
Buying a house
Having a baby

*Looking to the future,*

In 2012 I want to:
Hike Zions (again)
Go to Disneyland
Take a trip down the west coast from Washington to California
Run a 5K
{one secret wish that I can't write about until it actually happens}

*Long Term:*
Open up a shop of vintage and handmade goods (consignment) that also
helps those in need on Sundays.
Get another dog

Here's to 2012!

What did you learn this year?


Oh Honestly Erin said...

So bittersweet. Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of us can learn from your list!

I hope 2012 is your best one yet and I'm excited to know about the thing that you can't reveal until it happens! <3

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Haha Jersey Shore. I'm a total addict, I'll admit it. Such a fantastic train wreck.

What did I learn this year? It's hard enough to change myself so stop trying to change others. And eat more Nutella because it makes me happy.

I want to do a 5k in 2012! I would say run but I'm not sure that will happen. I will do one though, even if it takes me an hour to finish. :)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I love you guys pretty hard...

freaked out 'n small said...

Damn this was pretty touching.

"*Things I've stopped hoping for:*"
You and I are in the same place with this one... I'll be 35 this year, but I can't stop hoping for a baby...even if it seems like it's never going to happen. I just need to get that hypothetical gun away from my head...because it's not helping much. And I WILL OWN A HOUSE one day - because if I don't I'll end up killing one of my slummy landlords. And that won't be conducive to getting that damn baby.

Ooooooh - have you discussed this "get another dog" thing with Fred? Something tells me he might not be too zen with that one...lmao!

I'm still working on my resolutions...but the biggest one - to become strong where I was broken. Good ol Ernest :)