December 11, 2011

Junk Hunt

I found another creepy old Santa to add to my collection. Last year's creepy santa posts were fun and I haven't quite had enough of it just yet.
 His foot is broken off but he can still stand up on his own and he is supposed to light up but that is broken too. He really needed me to take pity on him and take him home to hang out with Jay Z.

You can imagine the vexed eye rolling that came from Tyrone's brown eyes as I clutched it like a mother hen under my armpit in Savers. He was only $1.99, probably still too much but I couldn't let him hang out with all of the other homemade eighties Christmas decor looking all sad and pathetic.

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1 comment:

Anika said...

creepy. and yes, even more so without a foot. super creepy. At least he doesn't have any eyeballs to stare at you while you sleep.