March 13, 2014

7 Things

1. The back light on our Macbook died. The more I think about it the more I die a little inside. It's a 2008, so I can't complain because it has lasted a long damn time. The problem is that 2008 models are now considered vintage by Apple so they do not make parts for them anymore. The guts of the thing are fine; it's just the light in the monitor. And because of a few dumb reasons on our part we haven't been able to just hook up an external monitor or up to our TV to use it. Today I realized that it is affecting me more internally that I dared to admit before. The one thing I can't do with out it is work on my shop. The Etsy app is fine and all but my phone doesn't have all of my product pictures on it and our PC doesn't have a photo editor on it. Wahhhhhh!!!!!

2. This morning was different than most because I spent a large part of it talking about Boyz II Men. It started because our shredding vendor told me he had tickets to see them this weekend and that it wasn't a joke; he really still likes them a lot. I of course laughed out loud while simultaneously telling him I wasn't laughing. I did admit that I probably still have 3 of their albums in my CD case under my bed at home. I LOVED them more than a normal amount in the 90's but I can't imagine listening to them now. Unfortunately, they didn't hold up for me. I've been thinking about this (more than I should) and just how weird it is considering how much I loved them back in the day. AND how funny it is that I don't still enjoy it considering there a lot of 90's R&B and Hip-Hop that I still love unconditionally. The conversation with the shredder dude made me ask our FedEx guy if he was planning on attending the show this weekend (just because I love being an asshole and because him and I talk music every now and then) He smirked and replied that he wasn't going BUT that he did see them once live about 10 years ago. So funny! I call him my vendor BFF but he doesn't actually know this. We share a similar fondness of vinyl (like a million other dickheads) and going to rock shows. One day I might actually give him the other half to this broken heart necklace I've been saving.

3. Today is my baby's birthday - 7 years! Tyrone mentioned that he is half way through his life now and I almost burst into tears because I can't even imagine the day when he truly gets old. Ugh! I can't even think about that. We fed him a cupcake last night, because Tyrone has to work all day today and because that is what we do every year for him. While I was watching him eat it I started tearing up - hormones are fun.

4. We're having a St. Patty's Day Fiesta at work which was my idea - because I wasn't having twenty different people bring twenty different versions of corn-beef and cabbage. I also do not want to be smelling that all day in a stuffy office. We can't have any beer at work, sadly, so I decided Mexican it is! It's easy and cheap and only a few people on earth hate Mexican food.


6. In my mind March is already over and that is truly fucked up.

7. Tyrone sent me a link yesterday to that has a bunch of horrible reviews about the place we live in right now. People be pissed! I admit it's not perfect but it's better than the last two apartment complexes we live in before. In my opinion, I think all apartment management companies are shady and out to nickle-and-dime every tenant. There is always that one "office girl" who is a total Bitch too. But reading these reviews about our current place was hilarious and sort of scary at the same time. My favorite complaint was that the hallways always smell like weed - because they totally do!


kendahl a. said...

Hey, some people might see the hallways always smelling like weed as a bonus.

Happy birthday Fred! Tell Tyrone to never say mean things like that again.

Erin Honestly said...

Re-listening to the Alt Press podcast with Jonny Craig from awhile back and he totally just said that Boyz II Men is his inspiration and he will watch videos of them singing for hours, lol!

That disappearing plane scares the shit out of me. :(