March 21, 2014

7 Things

1. I love this idea of getting up in the morning and creating 3 creative pieces before even heading to work in the morning.

2. Last night the weatherman said it was going to slowly start getting warmer and I almost cried. Almost.

3. Tyrone had a coworker pass away on Sunday night. He was working on his truck and it rolled on top of him. We aren't sure of the exact details but it has taken us back a bit; more-so for Tyrone. He said he was just talking to him about death and how he mentioned that he was ready to go and that he hoped he passed away peacefully in his sleep. How crazy is that? It completely freaks me out. My thoughts and prayers are with his family right now and Tyrone's coworkers for losing one of their own.

4. I always wanted two Cabbage Patch Dolls growing up; one that looked like me and a black boy. I finally got the black boy but his butt isn't signed by Xavier Roberts.


5. Was talking to my friend about some people we worked with growing up and one of their names was Jamison. I vaguely remembered him but I did remember to pick up a bottle of Jameson after work.

6. I really need to be next to a large body of water soon.

7. Happy weekend ya'll! (in my best Britney Spears accent)


kendahl a. said...

OMG Tyrone is the black boy! Hahahahah I really did laugh out loud at that.

I'm sorry about his coworker! That's really crazy, and sad.

I'm with you on the large body of water. Just as long as it's not Utah Lake.

Erin Honestly said...

The Cabbage Patch thing made me crack up at my desk, haha!

That is so tragic about Tyrone's co-worker. I can't even imagine :(

yo mommy said...

#6 you and me baby girl it needs to be a date

Brandi said...

Sooooo, we live just over an hour from Babyland General, where Cabbage Patch babies born ;) You should come visit!

Jenni Royster said...

Jamison was a tool.